How to fight a cold

How to fight a cold – Traditional, Natural, and rather Unique

How to fight a cold is something that everyone will want to know at some point in their lives. The common cold is extremely easy to catch and pass on to other people in the surrounding area. Although there are several different varieties of cold, the most common is made up of different viruses. Over 200 different strains of a virus can cause the cold; therefore, it can be difficult to know how to treat you correctly.

There are several different factors which can make you more susceptible to contracting the cold virus; therefore, these should be avoided. If you are extremely tired, run down and emotionally drained, you may find that you get ill from the cold virus. You can easily catch the cold virus from other people who are suffering from the symptoms, and it is believed that over 20% of the population will catch a cold this year.

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Catching a cold can be an incredible inconvenience for many people, and for some, it can become so severe that they die. Therefore, understanding the different symptoms and how to fight a cold is incredibly vital information for everyone. Not only can this information help you to remain at work, school and healthy, but it may also save your life. People with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, pregnant woman and young children are often most at risk.

There are several different stages which you will go through leading up to and developing the common cold. Once the virus enters your nose, you will begin to feel the symptoms as they slowly take over your body. The stages that you are likely to experience are:

• Scratchy throat
• Intense headache
• Sinuses building up with mucus
• Congestion in your nasal passage
• Sneezing
• Difficulty breathing
• Nasal irritation
As you begin to feel these different symptoms, you will know that you are going to have a cold. Often there is little you can do to prevent the virus spreading, therefore, learning how to fight a cold is essential. Many people feel tired and drained when they are suffering from a cold; therefore, it can be harder for some people to fight the viruses.

Your energy levels will feel drained when you have a cold, therefore, you need to ensure that you drink plenty of fluids and keep your body well stocked with vitamins and nutrients. Colds will affect your immune system, and make you weaker; therefore, you need to ensure that you maintain your strength by resting as much as possible.

Home remedies are ideal when trying to ensure you know how to fight a cold, there are often items in your cupboard and pantry which will help. Chicken soup has always been a favorite to have when you are suffering from a cold. Not only is the soup delicious, full of nutrients, and garlic, but also extremely hot to decongest the nasal passages.

Vitamin C and zinc are also extremely beneficial when trying to fight cold viruses, and drinking plenty of fruit juice will keep you hydrated. If possible you should try to get some sunlight, which will make your immune system stronger and healthier. Lemons are a fantastic remedy for colds and can be squeezed and mixed with boiling water to create a soothing drink.

There are also some fantastic drugstore remedies, which have been proven to help you fight the virus and aid you when learning how to fight a cold. Airborne and Emergen C are both over the counter drugs which can help you to boost your immune system and fight the virus. The huge levels of vitamin C which the Emergen C contains will ensure that you have enough in your system.

If you are prepared for the cold, and have remedies and over the counter products available in your home, you will be able to fight the cold as soon as it appears. As the temperature begins to drop, and the people around you are suffering, you can take positive actions to make your cold diminish far quicker.

Unfortunately, if you are going to suffer from a cold there is remarkably little you can do to prevent it totally. However, learning how to fight a cold, will ensure that you recover quickly and get on with your life.


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